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Lost Wax Process
Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. This series of illustration is intended as a visual guide to each separate stage of modeling and casting. The total casting process takes several weeks from start to completion.
  1. Original Sculpture Creating Our Artist will study and creating and original sculpture. This is usually created from wax or clay. The detail of the original must be captured and transferred in the mold, if not, it will be difficult to replace the detail in any other step.  
  2. Rubber Mold Making The flexible mold is made from the original sculpture. This mold captures every detail put into the original work and is one of the most critical phases in the bronze process. The Master Mold Maker must ensure the entire sculpture is covered with and even thin layer of rubber. When the rubber is thoroughly set, a back-up shell or Mother Mold is applied to support the rubber for wax pouring process. This mold is used to produce duplicates of the original sculpture.
  3. The Wax Pouring The mold is now ready for the wax. The mold is separated and the first coat of wax is painted into the mold to capture all the fine details of the masterwork. The mold is put together and more hot wax is poured in. The excess wax is poured out. After the wax has completely cooled, the back-up shell and mold are removed.
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